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Your Stone Specialist Stone Repair




Since 1997 we have been helping folks just like you with cracks, fissures, falling sinks, water damage, re-polishing, re-surfacing, refurbishing, and repair...

Our Work Speaks Volumes

We have collaborated with an array of wonderful clients on a multitude of projects...

will get you back to the first time you fell in love!

Your Stone Specialist is a licensed stone specialist with 19 years experience working with all types of stone (natural stone to man-made stone or quartz), particularly in restoration.  Working extensively side-by-side with the absolute finest of stone specialist has allowed YSS to offer such a wide range of skills in both residential and commercial projects.  Responsibilities include logistics, performance, quality control, customer service and, of course, completion of each project working with builders, homeowners, property managers, etc., to meet every specific need of every project!  YSS is a family-owned and operated business....and my family is committed to excellence for you and your family!!!  

There is NO-ONE else in North to Central Florida that has the background nor experience that Your Stone Specialist has.......from cleaning to restoration, lippage, construction wear, sealing, repair, refurbish, seam grind & polish, etc....

At Your Stone Specialist stone repair and Your Stone Specialist stone restoration, ​we welcome the most difficult tasks!

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